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CULTRAG Performance

CULTRAG Performance Order Process

Website Part Availability

Our Website provides a catalog for our customers to browse products and diagrams offered by the manufacturer. This does not mean Company has the parts in stock or that they are currently available to order from the manufacturer.

If you have a question on the availability of a part before placing an order please contact Company by phone, email or Website. Company is able to work with you directly on your time based needs and can even drop ship from the manufacturer to increase the speed of the delivery schedule. There may be additional costs involved with meeting or exceeding a requested delivery date.

To give you a general idea of availability Company can have the parts in stock or parts can be stocked at any factory warehouse across the country. This means we can have the part in stock, it can take 2-3 business days for Company to receive the parts or it can take up to 4-5 business days for Company to receive the parts depending on the location of the warehouse.

Order Placement and Payment Processing

At the time you place your order your credit card is charged for the order. Company does not process any orders unless full payment is provided in advance. If, for some reason, Company is not able to complete your order you will be issued a full refund.

Order Placed and Payment Accepted

So you've placed your order and now what happens? Company will process all orders from the previous day starting at 9AM Eastern on weekdays. Orders placed after 9AM Eastern on Friday are not processed until Monday. This policy allows for you to cancel or request to modify your order before Company processes the order. Once Company processes your order it cannot be cancelled for any reason. At the time of order processing a Company agent will contact you with a timeline in which it will take Company to complete your order. You can refer to Website Part Availability above for approximately how long it will take to receive your part or order. If you must have a part or order by a certain date please contact Company by email, Website or phone before placing the order.

Order Cancellation

Please refer to Order Placed and Payment Accepted. Once Company processes your order it cannot be cancelled for any reason. You may be eligible to return the parts or order in accordance to Company return policy. Please see our Return Policies page to determine return eligibility.

Shipping Schedule

Once Company receives your complete parts order it can take 24-48 hours to process, stage, package and ship your order.

Tracking Information

Company does provide tracking information for most orders. There are some orders Company is not able to provide tracking information for and you will be notified up front if there is a possibility of not being able to provide a tracking number for your order.

Promotional Codes

In the event Company is running a promotion and you are provided with a valid promotional code the promotional code must be used at the time of ordering. If you are not able to get the valid promotional code to work please contact Company by phone, Website or email and Company will assist you. If an order is placed without a promotional code Company will not be able to add a promotional code, discount your order or provide you with any concessions.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the Order Process please contact Company by email, Website or phone prior to placing your order.